Numerology: A Comprehensive Guide

Numerology: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding numerology is more than just finding a relationship between your daily life and numbers. It's an extensive concept that has different methods to find out your personality, health, and long-term destiny.

Through reading this post, you'll utilize multiple numerology methods to find your compatibility levels, your position in relation to the stars, and find the significance of your birthday. Keep reading to know about these multiple methods to further analyze your personality traits.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the branch of knowledge that studies the history and significance of numbers. It goes in depth and studies the numerical value of ideas, letters, and in words. Despite a long history of numerological ideas, "numerology" wasn't recorded as English until 1907.

Hebrew Numerology Ancient


Numerology's origins date back to at least a thousand years ago. While some people regard it as a pseudoscience, it has been studied and taught by the most famous and respected mathematicians in history.

The term is derived from the Latin word ‘Numerus' (number) and from the Greek word ‘logia' which is from "logos" (meaning expression and thought).

In numerology, numerical values are given to each letter in the alphabet. Each of the numbers has a cosmic vibration. When you combine your birthdate with the letters of your name, you can find the interrelated cosmic vibrations associated with it.

Numerology gives you a personal and unique combination that allows you to analyze your natural talents, strengths and weaknesses, life purpose in relation to the cosmic plan, and motivation.

Pythagoras, the Greek Mathematician (569-470 BC), is the first known numerologist in history. He saw that the world was created out of mathematical patterns and that anything could be expressed in mathematical numbers.

One of his most famous achievements was the invention of the Pythagorean Theorem. Here are some of his most recognized theories that he practiced through his teachings:

Pythagorean Theorem Illustrated
  • Pythagorean Theorem: It found the largest side of a triangle with the addition of its other two sides (a² + b² = c²). While he did not invent numerology, his theories helped revolutionize the study.
  • Pythagoras Constant: The Pythagoras constant is represented as the square root of two (√2  = 1.41421356237).It's regarded as the first irrational number in history. 
  • Music & Math: Pythagoras found the mathematical patterns in musical instruments. These theories were developed through the use of stringed instruments.

Pythagoras and other numerologists at the time believed that mathematical concepts were easier to classify and regulate than physical methods. As a result, Pythagoras implemented practical math concepts in his numerological studies.

St. Augustine of Hippo stated that "Numbers are a Universal Language made by a deity to the humans as the study of the truth." Like Pythagoras, St. Augustine believed that every number had a special relationship and it was up to humans to discover the secrets or have them revealed to overtime.

Pythagora's teachings were adopted by other famous philosophers such as Plato and Socrates and were implemented by Christian scholars (St. Augustine). Due to its emergence as a study and mathematical philosophy, numerology began to expand throughout the Renaissance era.

St. Augustine Numerologist

While numerology is one of the least understood or known metaphysical science, it's regaining in popularity in importance. Now, it's used to find secret meanings and help numerologists predict the future.

Numerology Beliefs

Numerology basis its main belief that single digit numbers (1-9) have an intrinsic value. When This table displays the multiple meanings behind each number:





Independent and demonstrates a strong drive. The first number is made for creation. It’s an aggressive number that means the user is ready to achieve their goals.








Number 2s aren’t good with criticism. They are seen as careless when their faults are judged for being oversensitive. People who are a #2 are unable to accept the truth in some situations.









4s are viewed as down to earth, stable, reliable, precise, frugal, and trustworthy. Having a #4 means that you’re a laid-back person who values stability.

Being a #4 means that you don’t put much thought into your empathy, imagination, or emotions. #4s can appear to be jealous or awkward when compared to other numbers.


#5s are freedom-loving, adventurous, daring, and energetic. They also are seen as social, versatile, witty, worldly, and courageous.

However, being a #5 means that you’re chaotic, careless, self-indulgent, or unstable. They should be mindful of their unhealthy sexual tendencies and drug abuse history.


#6s are protective, compassionate, self-sacrificing, sympathetic, and loving. They make good teachers, healers, or domestic maternal figures.

People who are a #6 act too conventional. They are regarded as anxious, jealous, worrisome, paranoid, or emotionally unstable.


#7 isn’t just a lucky number, people with this number are analytical, spiritual, focused, refined, and shows inner wisdom.

With a #7, they are more likely to become aloof, sarcastic, distant, melancholic and in their worst degree, back stabbers.


#8s are well rounded, business focused leaders. They tend to be balanced, realistic, and successful. Also, they have great judgment for characters

On the otherhand, a #8 is greedy, violent, bullish, insensitive, or cruel. At their worst, a #8 can be a religious zealot.


#9s are creative, cooperative, humanitarian, aristocratic, self-sacrificing, and sophisticated.

But, they can be arrogant, fickle, discontent, egocentric, or being mentally unstable.

Difference Between Numerology And Astrology

Astrology is the study of the planets and the stars. Astrology charts are made due to a complicated calculation involving the planetary positions around the sun, moon, and stars as if they were the start of someone's birth.

That's why the date of the person and the time they are born is important in astrology. It detects your personality based on how your birth is in relation to the stars and is and they are broken down to horoscopes based on your birth date.

Astrology Limitations

On the otherhand, astrology has some drawbacks. You can't rely on astrology to make important decisions in your life. On average, you can expect astrology readings to be at least 80% accurate.

Scope Of Numerology

Numerology is a straightforward idea. It's the study of numbers and their impact on our lives, personality, and how we interact with others. It gives symbolic meaning to the numbers that are calculated in your name and birth date.

Numerology Scope

With Numerology, it can help you find your lucky colors, numbers, lucky names, and gem stones. With numerology, you can easily find the significance of your life through simple calculations.

Numerology And Horoscopes

Horoscopes are forecasts of a person's future. Your horoscope is based on your relative position towards the stars. Your birthdate takes a part of horoscopes as it determines what astrological sign you'll be.

Numerology does not need astrological positioning to determine your character. It allows users to understand their personality with the numbers given to them at birth. Use numerology if you want a simple, yet interesting way to understand your personality and overall life decisions.

What Are Numerology Reports?

Numerology has five core numbers that are unique to each user: Personality, Life Path, Heart's Desire, Birth Date, and Expression number. Each number comes from your birth date or your birth name and has an impact on your current mannerisms and lifestyle values.

Life Path Number

The Life Path number is based on your date of birth. Life path numbers show a broad outline of the challenges, lessons, and opportunities you'll experience during your life.

How Can I Find My Life Number?

Start by reducing each of the units in your birthdate (month, date, year) to one digit. (Master numbers: 11, 22, and 33). After that, add the numbers and then reduce it to one single digit or master digit.

For example, let's say your birthday was on September 14, 1954. Here's the correct way to find your Life Number.

Month: September is the 9th month of the yearly calendar.  (9)

Date: Your date of birth is the 14th. 14 is reduced to 5 (1+4 = 5).

Year: The year of birth is 1955. The number is then reduced to a 2 (1  + 9 + 5 + 5 = 20. And then 2 + 0 = 2).

You then add the numbers together, and it totals up to 2. (Your Final Life Path Number)

Numbers in Your Birthdate

Heart Desire

What do you really love and want in life? This is where your heart's desire number comes in. The number signifies the reasons behind your daily actions throughout your life. Your heart's desire dictates how you interact with others through your relationships and your career.

The Heart's Desire number is found through the vowels in your name. The vowels have soft sounds and details your inner subconscious desires.


Your personality number determines the first impression people have of you. The number represents how much you're willing to reveal and the parts of yourself that you want to show to others.

The number acts as a buffer and determines what you're capable of handling in life. It screens out the situations and the people you're unwilling to deal with while welcoming the opportunities that relate to your nature.

You can calculate your personality number from the consonants of your name.

Birth Date

The main belief is that you can find meaning within your name and your birthdate. Derived from the day you were born and the month you were born, the numerology of your birthdate will help you find your natural skills and what challenges you'll have to overcome.

To calculate your birthday's numerology, it's the date of your birthday. For instance, you can be born on either April 5 or on August 5; your numerology number is 5.

Expression Number

Your expression number is the second most important factor in your numerology. It's based on the letters in your full birth name. The expression number details your abilities, strengths and weaknesses that you'll notice throughout your lifetime.

To find your full expression, write our your full name (first, middle, and last). Once you do that, use the graph below to add the numbers in your first name. Then, reduce that total number into a single digit.

Expression Number Of A Name

Follow the same steps for your middle and last name. Lastly, add the three single digits (from your full name) together and convert them to a single digit number. Following these steps will give you your expression number.

If you find a Master number (11, 22, or 33) in your reductions, stop reducing the number immediately. The master number can be used as your expression number once it's found.

Important Dates

In numerology, numbers are separated into two parts. Master numbers are double digit numbers with the same value (i.e. 11, 22, 33). Each of them is a sign of good luck if your birthday has a "master" number on it.

11 is known as the most intuitive number. People with this number are viewed as charismatic, instinctual, dynamic, and can work towards a specific goal.

22 is the master builder number. If you're born on the 22nd, you'll be perceived as pragmatic, confident, disciplined, ambitious,

33 is the Master Teacher number. It symbolizes understanding, knowledge, and compassion. 33 means that the user is a humanitarian; meaning that they gain confidence when helping others around them.

Types Of Numerology

One thing that's interesting about numerology is the multiple types of analysis. Each number system offers their own set of advantages and methods to achieve their calculations. Here are the most popular numerology systems that have been studied.

Chaldean Number System

Chaldean's number system is the most accurate on this list. But, they require more calculations and their alphabet values aren't as organized as other systems. Chaldean's numerology system indicates the invisible strings or hidden forces that act behind the scenes.

The Chaldean system is also different because it uses the name you're most known for. It takes both your birth date and name into consideration. This is different than the Pythagorean system that requires you to use your name at birth.

Chaldean Number Systems

Another thing about this system is that it only takes numbers up to 1-8, and not up to 1-9. This means that numbers to alphabet transposition aren't the same as the Pythagorean theorem. If you want the best results and are willing to work with complicated calculations.

Pythagorean Number System

Even though there are three main types of numerology (Chaldean, Pythagorean, and Kabbalah), Pythagorean is the best known and is used by modern numerologists. The system gives a metaphysical and psychological description of who you are.

People use this system because it's the easiest to master. The numbers go from 1-9, and the alphabet values easily align with this numerical system. When creating a numerological chart, sum your total number down into a single digit for the best meaning.

Pythagorean Number System Ancient

The Pythagorean number system has positive and negative symbolic meanings. Even if your life path number is compatible with another person, both might not be emotionally congruent due to an imbalance in their numbers. With the Pythagorean Number System, you'll find it easier to become more tolerant and reduce expectations of other people.

Kabbalah Number System

Out of the three main number systems, the Kabbalah system is the oldest. The word Kabbalah is an Ancient Hebrew saying which means "knowledge that's derived from the mind and soul is better than through a physical teacher." This is the main concept behind the system, and many numerologists respect it when making their calculations.

The Kabbalah number system teaches that everything has a hidden meaning behind it. This includes every number, Hebrew letter, or words in the Torah have a special meaning once analyzed.


This system has origins in ancient Hebrew mysticism. The Kabbalah system only takes account of your name and not your birth date. It was created using the Hebrew Alphabet where each letter has a corresponding number.

The Kabbalah system has a total of 22 vibrations. It's also important to know that this system was made for both the Roman and Greek alphabet. Recently, there is a "New Kabbalah" system that focuses more on events than your name. Use this system if you want to find the significance of your name in relation to Hebrew culture, ideals, and religion.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology is one of the oldest forms of numerology (4,000 BC). Its main belief is that there are five elements that are related to the numbers 1-9.

  • Fire: Indicates enthusiasm, energy, and motivation. The number 9 is usually associated with fire.
  • Wood: Creativity; numbers 3 and 4 are the most commonly known numbers in this group.
  • Earth: Stability and well-rounded, people of this element are more likely to complete their life goals. Numbers 5,2, and 8 are common numbers associated with Earth.
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    Water: The strongest element. Water is the main source of energy and power on this earth. The number 1 is associated with water and is the number of the sun.
  • arrow-right
    Metal: Indicates courage and wealth. Numbers 6 and 7 are associated with the metal element.

The system is still popular around the world. Most of the contemporary studies in modern astrology and numerology have been founded through Chinese Numerology. Because of this, it’s still used today by both Eastern and Western numerologists.

Chinese numerology is based on a homophone principle. This means having a different meaning but still have the same sound. If a number has the same sound as a word, its considered to be a lucky or fortune number.

Unlucky Numbers

In Chinese numerology, 4 and 13 are the worst numbers to receive. When spoken in Chinese, the number four sounds similar to "death." When added together, 13 (1 + 3 = 4) is another unlucky number in Chinese numerology. In China and other countries such as Japan often 4th floors are ignored in buildings are even mobile phone manufactures skip the number 4, Oneplus famously went from the One Plus 3 to One Plus 5 confusing many western consumers. 


Lucky Numbers

The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. This is because it sounds like "prosperous" when spoken in Cantonese dialect. Also, six is a lucky number because it sounds like the word "profitable" in Cantonese.

Car Plate in China

Indian Numerology

Indian numerology is also known as Vedic numerology. Vedic numerology works on the idea that every number has a vibratory resonance. When a person and their number is in harmony, a resonance occurs. Your number works well once it reaches its resonance point.

Also, this numerology system finds the moon the largest deciding factor in analyzing yourself, the mind, and your soul. It uses terms like Ketu and Rahu to show the ascending and descending nodes on the moon.

In Indian numerology, everyone has three relevant numbers. Knowing these numbers help you get a greater understanding of yourself, which helps you create more conscious decisions in the long term.

Indian Ancient Numerology

It's three main numbers are the birth, destiny and the name number. Each of these three numbers is used to evaluate one's personality type, dominant characteristics, life, and destiny. Your birth number is more important during early life stages (childhood, adolescence, etc.).

But, the other two numbers become more significant during your middle age. This occurs once the person has control over their destiny. It's good if all three of the numbers are balanced. This means that your birth and name numerology have better planetary influence and more harmony.

If the numbers aren't aligned, then you can quickly fix the situation through changing the spelling of the name, adding an alias, reciting prayers, wearing your favorite colors, etc. Doing so helps you follow Indian numerology and keep your numbers perfectly balanced.

Numerology Uses in Everyday Life

There are some tricks you can use in numerology to find the positive energy you need in your life. Here are a few ways you can use numerology in your daily life.

  • Phone Number: When signing up for a new phone number, try to get as much lucky numbers as possible.
  • Child’s Name: Use lucky numbers to help determine your child’s name. You can also change the letters of your name to numbers and find the secret energies under each number.
  • Home Address: If you’re searching for a new house, understand that those addresses contain your unique lucky numbers. Street names can also be turned to a number and reduced to a single digit, so you can notice the vibrations connected with the street.

Famous Numerology Believers

Here are the most popular numerologists that are known for their contribution to the field.

Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz is known for creating Numerology Software that's used by over 2 million people online. He is the coauthor of the book "Numerology: The Key To Your Inner Self." Hans has studied numerology since 1969 and implemented their practices into his findings.

Hans Decoz Review

Glynis McGrant

Glynis McGrant is known for her celebrity numerology solutions. Also, she's studied numerology for over 21 years. Her teachings have been taught throughout the world and are displayed on The Today Show, Nightline, PBR Radio and Dr. Phill.

Michael McClain

Michael McClain is another famous numerologist that's known for his insightful and lucid writing online. He stated that "Numerology is the best occult art to use. All you need is the complete name of an individual and a birth date to find all the secrets their numbers hold". McClain has interesting thoughts and insights on numerology and is a great numerologist for beginners.

Closing Thoughts

It's important to remember that any assertions drawn from numerological calculations are possibilities. Each planetary deity has their own destiny and goes through numerous states of positive and negative cycles.

We invite you to look into our buying guide. It details the best numerology products and techniques that are available at a reasonable price. Conclusively, read our buying guide if you're serious about finding your personality through numerical calculations.

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