Numerology Charts And Calculators

Numerology Charts And Calculators

Numerology’s main purpose is to help you get a better understanding of who you are and your capabilities. “Know thyself” is a 2,500-year-old statement said by Plato that’s still relevant today. Our main goal is to help you utilize numerological charts and calculators to increase your self-knowledge.

Knowing your numerology charts and calculators can make a difference. They help you make better predictions on yourself, your path, and your future. Find out how to use these tools, so you discover your strengths and weaknesses and become a better person because of it.

What Are Numerology Charts And Calculators?

Numerology charts are made to help you determine a specific attribute of your life. For instance, numerology charts can have information in regards to your Life Number, Maturity Number, Attitude Number, Expression Number, Personality Number and much more.

The charts make it easier for first-time numerologists to create their calculations. Each chart has a numerical value and a letter corresponding that number. Because of this, you can simply find out the quality of your life via charts.

Here are the main pillars of a numerology chart:


It first starts off with you. This part details your traits, talents, mannerisms, dreams, abilities, and other individual traits. Your full birth name is a blueprint of your entire personality and overall characteristics: the self-contained and unique individual that lives inside of you.

Personal Name

The logic behind it is straightforward and easy to see. For instance, once you introduce yourself and say “I am such and such,” you state who you are to the person you’re talking to. Even when you use a nickname or a shorter version of your name, it tells a different and accurate side of you.

When the numerology chart talks about the main numbers that come from your name or the letter arrange that makes up your name - you’ll read it and realize it’s about you the individual.

Your Path

Second, your path is the direction your life is taking you. It’s not a future path or a forecast, but an endless path that you follow throughout your life. Since there’s no endpoint, your path never ends, and there’s no goal of achievement involved with it.

In numerology, this is called your Life Path. It’s the most important number in your chart because it details your life’s purpose. The number is derived from your date of birth. Simply add all of the digits in your birthdate and reduce them to one single digit.

Life Path Numerology

When numerology is interpreted properly, your Life Path indicates your direction and evolutionary process you’ll have to undergo. It’s a fully dynamic cycle, that’s not stagnant. Understanding your life path helps you progress through life while growing at a healthy rate.

The Future

The third pillar of your numerology chart is your future forecast. Here, the numbers are based on your date of birth, since they were set in motion by your birth. The moment you started your path, the cycles started to influence you as you went along your life.

This is another interesting piece of logic behind Numerology science. Like gears, your life is set in motion once you are born. Everything works together, including Numerology. You’ll recognize the synchronicity of these events and be able to predict future events and influences.

Predicting the Future

These three pillars make up your own personal story: You, your path, and your future.

Numerology Calculator

Having a hard time determining your numerology numbers? With a numerology calculator, it makes the process even easier. You simply add your name, birth date, and other details (depending on the report) and it will calculate it for you.

There is a myriad of resources online where you can use a free numerology calculator. This allows you to quickly determine your chart so that you can make accurate predictions based on your lifestyle choices, attitude, and relations with other.

How Accurate Are They?

Remember, numerology is good to help predict possibilities within one’s behavior. However, there is a myriad of outside factors that also make up your character. Here are some reasons why numerology isn’t fully accurate:

  • The environment a person lives in
  • Willpower

Numerology doesn’t force its users to behave in a specific way. The conclusions are made via mathematical calculations. However, a user’s environment and willpower are external factors that don’t enter the numerology calculations.

What Are Some Free Numerology Charts?

The best resource we found was Not only does the site provides accurate readings, but it gives users a free report for their first time. This gives you enough time to find out if the reports are helpful towards your situation before paying for premium features.

Also, Numerology has a biblical numerology chart for those of religious background. Alternatively, there is a Kabbalah chart for those of Jewish religion. The benefit of numerology is that there are multiple methods and techniques to suit any culture that fits you.

Deluxe Numerology Reports

In fact, most numerology calculators are free online. This helps users receive instant calculations so they can further analyze their numerology. Try one of them if you need a quick and free way to determine your life’s path and personality without paying for a report.

We suggest that you give our buying guide a look. It will help you find the best numerology charts available. These charts are accurate and will help you make a better predictions about your relationships and your future.

Closing Thoughts

Mainly, numerology charts and calculators are a great tool to have. They provide a faster way to discover yourself than by calculating by hand. Because of this, you should look into them both to enhance your numerology understanding and experience.

But you have to know find one that’s worth your investment. We invite you to check out our buying guide. This guide will give you insights on what numerology products you should buy to help you make your assertions. If you’re a first-time shopper, the guide will help you make a conscious buying decision.

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