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Your numerology report should be made to fit your unique and individual personality. However, there are some products that don’t offer this feature. When looking for a numerology report, you’ll have to find one that’s good based on their accuracy, quality of information, and if it’s relatable to your life.

To get a good numerology report, check to see if they have any free trial reports at first. This allows you to get a glimpse of the program’s features, benefits, and analysis that’s suited to you. Test out the free period and move onto more premium reporting services if necessary.

Fortunately, gives their users a free report the first time they sign up for their services. In the report, it details the user’s life and personality traits in relation to their numerology. Get a numerology report that gives you clear information and lessons to help you grow correctly. solves the problem of waiting long times to receive a numerology report. On average, expect to wait 20 minutes before getting your report. As a result, you’ll find specific insights about your character so you can make adjustments to become a better person.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Numerology Report

Before you spend money on a numerology report, you have to assess the quality and contents of the report first. This means that you’ll have to spend time checking verified reviews and testimonials to see if it’s worth the money.

Here are a few things you should look for when selecting your first numerology report.


Testimonials are the first thing you need to check when getting a numerology report. They help you gauge what consumers previously tried the program and their experience with it. When looking at testimonials, you should gauge the accuracy and the validity of the consumer.

Consumers who give short one-line reviews should be avoided. You need a testimonial from someone who has had experience with the numerology program to see if its worth your time. Look for verified customers who give detailed insights on the numerology report, so you know what you’re getting. 

Types of Reports

In numerology, the reports vary based on the method that’s being used. Use these reports to help you get a better understanding of your own numerology. This allows you to make better self-reflective decisions and monitor your personality.


Full numerology charts have six numbers, three from your birthday and three from your day. This chart describes who you are as a person, your likes and dislikes, your ideal career path, and other insights about your personality.

Numerology has Master numbers which are double digits of the same number (11, 22, and 33). Since they are master numbers, they aren’t reduced to a single digit. We suggest that you know the meaning of numbers 1-9 before getting into the master numbers.

Here is a chart that’s used to help users find their numerology. For the sake of simplicity, we use the Pythagorean Chart.

Life Path Number

One of the most important parts of your numerology report is your life path number. It determines the quality of your life, the challenges you’ll face, and other numbers that are compatible with your path.

How Do I Calculate My Life Path Number?

To calculate your life path number, we’ve created a few examples to help find it using simple math:

Example: Birthday: 10/11/1998

Add the single digit numbers together and reduce them to one number. (1+0+1+1+1 +9+9+8 = 30 then 3+ 0 = 3

Your Lifepath Number is: 3 for the date 10/11/1998

Example #2: Birthday 4/1/1997

Add the single digit numbers (4+1+1+9+7+7 = 29) then 2 + 9 =11

Your Life path number is 11.

Also, the #11 is still a #2 but at a higher frequency. This is the same for #22 (4) and #33 (6). If the master number is still confusing, you can reduce them to a single digit. It will remain true.  

Personality Number

Your personality number acts as a censoring device, both in how you act towards others, and what personality traits you find approachable. It details the characteristics that you have and how others perceive you, before knowing you fully.

What does you favorite

It discriminates the type of information and people you let enter your mind and heart. And it's those attributes that you’re willing to share with others throughout your relationship with them.

How Do I Calculate My Personality Number?

To calculate it, give each consonant of your name a number. Use the chart to find your personality number.

Follow this step separately for your first, middle, and last name. Add up each of the names separately and reduce them to one single digit. Once you have the numbers for each of the names, add them up and then reduce them to a single digit to show you Personality Number.

Tip: If you do encounter a Master number in your calculations (11, 22, and 33), don’t reduce it further.

Heart’s Desire

Your heart’s desire shows your true motivation, likes and dislikes, and your inner urges and cravings. This number reveals the intention behind your actions and has a large impact on the choices you make in life.

How Do I Calculate My Heart’s Desire?

To find this number, you have to add the vowels that are in your birth name. Add each part of your name (First, Middle, Last) separately and reduce it to a single digit. Then, add the final 3 numbers together, and you’ll find your heart’s desire numerology.

Attitude Number

Your attitude number describes how you’ll interact with others and your overall temperament.

How Do I Calculate my Attitude Number?

Add the day and month you were born. Reduce it to a single digit.

Example: 2/20/1991. Add up 2+2 = 4.

Your attitude number is 4

Expression Number

The expression number is also known as your destiny number. Derived from your full birth name, it reveals the person you’re aiming to be, shows your inner goal, and shortcomings you have once you entered your human body.

How Do I Calculate my Expression Number?

To calculate your expression number, start by giving a number to each letter of your name. Do this step again for your First, Middle, and Last Name. With each of the names, add up the numbers separately. Then, reduce them all to a single digit.

destiny number 7

Once you find the numerical value of each name, add them together again. After you’ve placed this value in a single digit, you’ll find your expression number. Use this number to learn more about your long-term goals, talents, and predictions.


Usually, numerologists have a range of daily to annual predictions. Most numerology predictions come from your ruling number and plays a major role in deciding your destiny. The ruling number helps make the best decisions for them.

You can use your base number to make career choices for you. This will help you surpass any obstacles and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.

The ruling number is found by calculating your birth date. Add the numbers and reduce them to a single digit to find the (ruling number) numerology. You numerology has the blueprint of your life and the multiple aspects of it.


Like testimonials, the credibility of the report must be considered. For example, when searching for your report, you have to assess the validity of it. Read a few numerology reviews to help find the right report system for you.

Check with people inside your local network about the report you’re seeking. Are they recommending the service or are they expressing their disapproval? With testimonials, check out each one and a make a decision based on the quality of reviews everyone else is saying.


You need a numerology report program that’s dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. To do this, look at the website of the program you’re interesting. While on the site, look around to see what customer support services they have to offer.

However, if the site doesn’t have a direct way to contact them, chances are they aren’t worth your investment. Make sure the program has a direct email number or phone number address so that you can receive assistance on any numerological issues you have.

Our Recommendation

Consumers tend to ask “Does numerology work?

And the right answer is, “Once you follow its teachings and draw connections.” Remember, this isn’t an inactive hobby, but an active one. This means that you’ll have to frequently use the numbers that you found to find meaning in your life.

We recommend for the first time and experienced numerologists. The system comes with a numerology discount, making the first detailed report free. For people wanting to get started with a reliable program, will help you find your life’s path.

You should get this program if you’re ready to make a change in your life. It details everything about your personal characteristics, creates a plan for you, and helps you ensure that you’re making the right decisions in life. Our review further explains this and should be considered before buying this program.

Best Numerology Report:

Numerologist is the best gateway to your wisdom. It will help you stay on track and on the way to a new and better transformation of you. This program is your first introduction to numerology, self-empowerment, and ancient wisdom.

Numerologist is your main source for numerology education. Their mission is to help users make well-informed decisions. By providing high-quality numerology insight and wisdom, users can make the most out of their life.

For those who don’t know what numerology is, it’s the art of breaking down numbers/digits to find an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, life challenges, concealed talents and much more. The information is made to help you focus on tough issues in order to address them an make a positive result.

Numerology Report

By giving you the information needed to live a fulfilling life aligned with your frequencies and unique number patterns, Numerologists provides answers and open doors that would usually be closed increases the value of your life, and the lives of others around you. is found by Mike Madigan. Now, it consists of a group of people who have expertise in multiple numerological fields (Pythagorean, Chaldean, Kabbalah, etc.). This group delivers free and full readings to help you understand how to utilize your life.

Mike Madigan is a world renowned numerologist that has studied in the field for 15 years. After completing his studies, he created the website and created a team of numerologists to help you. When using this site, you’ll be getting the best answers in relation to numerology on the Internet.

What Can I Expect From this Website?

You’re probably wondering what you can learn from a When using this site, you’ll receive more information and insights that you can imagine. The website gives you insight into your personality traits and who you are and your capabilities.

In fact, the site does a good job of finding personalities that is congruent to yours. You can find out what type of partner you are in a relationship and what could potentially happen in the future. This site helps you find out your romantic abilities and what number best matches your personality. 

Also, the results on the site are subjective and aren’t guaranteed. The information that the report gives you relies on how much you’re willing to follow your dreams and insight to believe them. For instance, you won’t be able to reach your physical goals in a year if you’re not willing to put in the work to achieve them.

What Can I Expect to Find?

When you enter the site, you’ll notice a multiple range of reports to choose from. For instance, there is a one-year full numerology report to give you an idea of what the year has in store for you.

Additionally, the site offers a premium numerology report which helps you get an in-depth review of who you truly are. Each of the reports have an average of 100 pages of length detailing your personal attributes; making it a great choice for those wanting extended reports on their behavior.

With, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Hidden strengths and talents (and how to use them correctly).
  • Deep desires you’re hiding from and what you can do to obtain them.
  • What creates your attitude, what makes you tick, and the best environment for you to thrive professionally.
  • Insights on your personality traits, character, and the special ways you relate to others.
  • Upcoming lessons and challenges that you’re supposed to face in life. Also, they help users change their lives for the better by seeking unexplored opportunities.
  • Numerologist understands that numbers are more than just place holders for quantities. As previous generations have shown us, numbers can be used to help you find greater knowledge by finding hidden patterns and help you make conscious, smart choices in your life.
  • During times of rapid change, it’s good to have the “Inner Skills” needed to make the correct choices in life. These skills are dependent on self-acceptance and self-understanding. Finding these skills can open the best components of the mind; compassion and intuition, the best gifts that humanity possesses. describes life in a 3 step process:

  • Purpose: The most challenging part of our lives is defining and finding a purpose for existing. has experts that will help you throughout the way to determine your purpose.
  • Plan: After you created a purpose, you need to create a plan to help you set, monitor, and achieve your goals. Their reports will notify you when need to to take action.
  • Confirmation: Without confirmation that you’re correctly following your plan, it can be hard to know if you’re on the correct path. Their experts and reports will help you assess your results to know if you’re on the right track.

One advantage that provides is quick and fast reports. You don’t have to wait long to receive a customized report. All you have to do is fill out the form online, make a payment, and wait for at least 20 minutes for the report to be stored in your inbox.

Fortunately, gives their first report for free. This helps you find out the basics of your life in relation to numerology and helps you know what to expect for future reports. Try this product out if you want a detailed numerology report to help you make the most out of your decisions.

If you are unsure of how to turn your bad luck around, can help. It gives users guides and assists them in finding their strengths and weaknesses. This helps users adjusts the issues within themselves. Once you deal with your weakness, you’ll be confident and motivated to face any challenge in the future.

The primary objective of’s program is to support you throughout your life. And, it helps their users in their journey to obtain deeper self-knowledge and better wisdom. It gives you the highest level of education to help you develop self understanding and enhance your numerological sense.

With this program, you’ll receive free daily blog posts, monthly eMagazines, videos, informative articles, and innovative technology. This helps users find the best learning option suited to their preferences. Give this system a chance if you want a better understanding of yourself.

Essential Steps with

Here are the 3 steps each user must take to start the numerologist:

Step 1: Receive Your Free Numerology Reading: The site is fully personalized and customized according to your name and birthdate. It’s not like your typical horoscope. The reading is free and helps you understand the basics of numerology. The three core numbers lifespan, expression, and soul urge are calculated. It will show you how to use this knowledge and apply it to your daily life.

Step 2: Check Email: You’ll receive an email that explains important lessons regarding numerology. It ranges from the basic core elements to advanced numerology concepts. You’ll achieve the best personal growth. Here, you’ll get a free numerology report and individual numerological details.

Step 3: Find Out What You Want: The program will help you find your goals in life. It will help you remain happy and comfortable forever. It will teach you to move in the right direction in order to obtain your goals. The program helps you complete your journey for astrology, numerology, and personal success.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons associated with this system:



  • Community:’s community will give you assistance on how to manage your day to day relationships.
  • Empowerment: The program gives you empowerment through completing their numerology exercises and gives you a deeper experience on life.
  • Wisdom & Education: It gives you the most up to date numerology information. You will learn advanced numerology knowledge and strategies.
  • plus
    Innovation & Leadership: This program helps you develop your leadership skills so you can help everyone in self-understanding, personal growth, and numerology education.
  • plus
    Integrity and Credibility: Numerologist gives you the accurate information needed to make great life decisions.
  • If you’re uninterested in astrology in numerology, then the program is not for you. 

Online Subscription Online

Despite its small flaws, is the best numerology software that’s available. The program gives users free reports, accurate information about their personalities, and advice on how to live life correctly. Thus, making it a great choice if you’re serious about getting started in numerology.


With, you’ll find it easier to understand your habits and overall personality. The program offers an accurate, yet easy to follow system to help you improve from your weaknesses and maximize your strengths. Conclusively, try this program out if you’re a numerology aficionado who wants to gain a greater understanding of their life.

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